So you want to get into sheet metal fabrication? The workshop that you dedicate to your fabrication hobby will no doubt house your basic tools like screwdrivers, wrenches, ratchets, and the like, but there are a few gadgets that you will definitely want to include in your tool kit for do-it-yourself metal fabrication.

Sheet metal fabrication is precise work, with precise cuts, casts, and welds, and if you don't have the proper tool for a specific purpose or technique, the metal you're working with won't have that clean precision. But in cases of botched work, thank heaven for custom sheet metal fabricators!

Angle Grinder

When setting up your fabrication shop you will need to have at least one angle grinder. Much as their name implies, these grinders smooth the rough edges of any angles on the sheet metal that were previously cut. Your best bet would be to store two angle grinders, one smaller than the other, for different angle measurements.

Small Drill Press

A drill press, even a smaller model, can benefit the fabrication process in more ways than one. A small drill press can help you easily get the job done without the small margin of error of that can come with hand drilling. A drill press will also ensure more precision for thinner and smaller pieces of material than a hand held drill.

Stick Welder

If you're going to work with metal, you're going to have to weld the metal at some point. Every professional fabrication shop has a variety of welders, but to start, a stick welder will do nicely. A stick welder uses a 'stick' made of a flux covered electrode material that lays the bead, or weld, down onto the metal. A small arc of electricity travels from the stick to the metal, heating it and bonding it. So if you plan on sticking two pieces of metal together, you need a welder.

Chop Saw

A good chop saw can cut through most sheet metals, and is a necessary component of any metal workshop. Most chop saws for home use come in a fourteen-inch measurement, and you can easily find replacement blades.

Remember that your new metal workshop will take some time and planning to build, and if you need  custom sheet metal fabrication before your workshop is complete, look for a professional in your area. They might even have some tools for sale!