A plaque can be an excellent option for displaying the name of a building, creating a memorial, or other instances where an extremely durable outdoor sign may be needed. When you are tasked with buying a custom plaque for your needs, there are some design tips that may assist you through this process.  

Value The Benefits Of Bronze For Plaques That Will Be Outdoors 

The materials that are used in the plaque can be an important decision that will have to be made early in the design process. If you are planning to display the plaque in an outdoor setting, bronze may be one of the materials that you will want to use. This is a material that can be extremely durable against the elements, which may allow your plaque to withstand the years of weathering that it will have to experience. In particular, bronze is far less susceptible to corrosion than other metals, which can minimize the risk of moisture damage occurring to it. Furthermore, these plaques can be strong enough to be easily cleaned by a pressure washer.

Choose A Font That Will Be Easy To Read From A Distance

The font that you are using for the custom bronze plaque will be another factor to assess during the design process. More specifically, you should prioritize choosing a font that will be easy to read at a distance. This is due to the fact that individuals may be several feet or more from the sign when they are reading it. By choosing a font and text size that will be large enough to be easily read from a distance, you can help to make it easier for individuals to read these signs when they are passing by them or when there is a crowd gathered around the plaque.

Include Imagery In The Design Of The Custom Bronze Plaque

Individuals may assume that a custom bronze plaque will only be able to display text information. However, it is also possible to include images in these plaques as well. This can help to make the impact of these plaques greater. Additionally, they can make them more visually appealing, which may help to draw attention to them from those walking in the vicinity while also helping to complement the aesthetics of the building. These images can also be useful when you are needing to fill space on a plaque that may not require much text but still needs to be large enough to attract attention.