When you are in the candy manufacturing business, there is one big day circled on the calendar that you must always get prepared for Valentine's Day. Lovers, friends, and relatives love to show their love to another on this holiday in the form of candy, which means your business at this time of year will be booming. However, in the candy manufacturing business, your competition will be fierce. To make sure your Valentine's Day candy boxes from a company like Northwest Paper Box MFRS INC get recognized in the sea of options at the stores that sell your products, there are a few easy ways to vamp up those candy boxes to make them even more special. 

Make sure your candy boxes stand out from the rest of the designs. 

Red in color, ribbons on top, ruffles around the edges–there is a typical appearance of Valentine's candy boxes that can be expected. The only problem with going specifically with the classic candy box design is your box will look just like every other box in the candy aisle. This means that customers won't give as much attention to your boxes and it also means the recipient will be getting a box of candy that looks just like everyone else's. 

To make sure your candy boxes get noticed and stand out as a unique gift, step away from the traditional Valentine's day designs just enough by implement a few outer design changes. For example, you could:

  • Opt for color combinations that are a little less traditional; like deep burgundy and black instead of pink and red or red and white
  • Opt for box shapes that are less typical, such as squares or stars instead of hearts and rectangles
  • Opt for boxes with unique accent details, such as rhinestone beading or glittered sections

Make sure your candy boxes offer a little something extra. 

There are all kinds of ways you can make a box of candy more extraordinary than unusual so it better serves as a good gift on Valentine's day. Consider adding a clear window to the box so customers could take a peek at the candy inside. Make your boxes double as something else, such as a cardboard storage container for after the holiday or even some kind of candy dispenser. 

In general, the more "extra" your candy boxes are, the more appreciated they will be by the customer and the gift recipient on Valentine's day. Even though the little extras can be more costly as far as packaging goes, your return in sales revenue makes it a logical investment.